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We pride ourselves on providing our members with the lowest prices possible! If you find an item you purchased with us for a lower price, let us know, so we can match that price!

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Disclaimer: Items must be available in stock in the same size and color at the time the price verification is completed. Shipping charges (if applicable) will be factored into cost before price match is completed. Please note that we do not match prices for items from foreign companies or other "knock-off" companies. These items are often "re-makes" of boutique items sold in the United States are NOT the same. Sadly, these companies steal boutique photos, crop off the faces of the models, and sell the clothes as if they were the same items when in fact they are cheaply-made replicas. If you ever have a question on an item price that seems to be good to be true, please con't hesitate to contact us! We are always happy to help! We love a good deal and want you to get the best deals possible!